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Get Your Child Excited About Stylish Kids Prescription Glasses

Having to wear glasses can be a tough adjustment for anyone, especially kids. If you had to wear glasses as a child, you probably remember not wanting to stand out and look different from everyone else.



Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to help get your child excited about wearing their new glasses:


• Let Your Child Pick Their Frames

Today’s kids want to express who they are. So it makes sense that if your child doesn’t feel their best in their glasses, they probably won’t wear them. Create excitement and ownership by letting them pick out their own frames.

• Show Someone They Admire In Glasses

One of the easiest ways to get your child comfortable with the newness of having to wear glasses is by pointing out how someone they admire wears glasses too. This can be a musician, close family member, or a character from one of their favourite shows.

• Make Getting Glasses A Fun Adventure

If you already wear glasses, make the process of getting new frames a fun adventure that you two can go on together. Set aside a day where you get your eyes examined together and pick out new frames. Since nothing is more adorable than twinning with your little one, shop for matching styles.

• Set Daily Goals

Most people need time to adjust to wearing new glasses. This is especially true for kids. It’s ok to take it slow and let them get comfortable on their own time. The best way to ease them into it is to start by having them wear their new glasses for fifteen minutes each day. Gradually increase the time to 30 minutes, then one hour, then half a day, etc. After a few weeks they’ll be wearing their glasses all day like it’s nothing new!

• Regularly Check for Fit & Comfort

It’s important to regularly check in and see how your child feels wearing their glasses. If they’re too loose, they might slip off easily and become annoying. If they’re too tight, they might pinch behind their ears. If you find that their glasses aren’t fitting well, be sure to have them adjusted.



Your child is never too young for an eye examination.


Current Trends for Kids Prescription Glasses This Autumn

  • Bright Colours – Kids’ frames can come in a variety of bold and bright colours so if your child wants to stand out or has a favourite shade they will be on trend with the bold choice.
  • Patterns – Plaid, stripes, polka dots, oh my! Your child can pick from a variety of patterns and look great through the school year because patterns are in with stripes leading the pack in sales.
  • Mini Scholar – There are options available that make a child look ready to study in the dark corners of an Ivey League University. Those days may be years away but if your child is into the look there are
    many trending options that will fit the style.
  • Tortoiseshell – Rethink the retro tortoiseshell with designs that use the classic pattern but a variety of new colours to bring the idea up to date. These can range from bright patterns that contrast to the classic blend.
  • Professional Kids – Along the same theme of the mini scholar the professional-looking glasses will have your kid feeling ready to turn their lemon aid stand into a chain and negotiate territory, or at least look like they are. These come in dark colours including jet black and a variety of frame shapes.
If your child has not had a recent eye exam it is a good idea to schedule one to update their prescription in time for a new school year. Children’s vision can change drastically in just a few months and starting the school year with a prescription that is even slightly off can put your child at a disadvantage. Update their prescription and fashion lenses all at once for the best school year ever.


The NHS provide free glasses for children and at The Spectacle Maker we provide free cosmetic thinning for those stronger prescriptions. Repairs and replacements are also provided free by the NHS, for under 16’s.


We have a vast range of free kids glasses to choose from.