BlephEx™ is the first and only treatment for eye cleaning to help maintain clean and healthy eyelids. This revolutionary treatment is a new procedure that allows us to take an active roll in treating and preventing the risk of dry eyes and blepharitis.

BlephEx™ is a new and revolutionary patented hand piece, used to very carefully and precisely, run a medical grade micro-sponge along the border of your lashes and eyelids, removing crust and debris whilst exfoliating and improving the overall health of your eyelids.

BlephEx™ takes just minutes to perform and patients who receive the treatment can enjoy a life free from the chronic and irritable symptoms associated with blepharitis and eye infections.


  • People suffering from blepharitis
  • Individuals with dry eye
  • General discomfort or tired eyes
  • Contact lens wearers to give the eyes a “deep clean”
  • Ladies wearing eyelash extensions – removes glue and grime in between news sets of lashes
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BlephEx Hand Piece