Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

At EYEHEAR Opticians and Audiologists (The Spectacle Maker) we provide a water free, safe and effective way to remove excess ear wax.

At EYEHEAR Opticians and Audiologists (The Spectacle Maker), ear wax removal is performed by a hear care practitioner to assist people who are suffering from excessive earwax or earwax impaction. Micro-suction is widely considered a gentle and effective way to remove wax.

The Micro-Suction Procedure

Your ear canal and eardrum will then be examined by inserting a speculum gently into your ear. At this point, it will be determined whether the amount of earwax you have necessitates the micro-suction procedure.

If wax removal is determined as being clinically indicated, the procedure will be explained and an opportunity to ask questions provided. A very small micro-suction catheter attached to suction tubing will then be inserted directly into your ear canal. It gently sucks excess ear wax out the ear – much like a tiny vacuum cleaner! Throughout the procedure, your audiologist will carefully observe the process with ‘loupes’. Loupes are binocular glasses fitted with a bright light. They are used to ensure that direct vision of your ear canal and drum is maintained at all times.

Why Opt for Micro-Suction?

Micro-suction differs from having your ears syringed with water as it is a completely dry procedure. Whilst water syringing can be used to remove wax, it is not without its complications. It can be messy and uncomfortable. For some populations a dry technique is necessary or preferred, including those with a perforated eardrum or grommets, diabetics, those who have a depressed immune system or are taking blood thinners.

The procedure itself is quite quick, especially if the wax has been pre-softened. Generally speaking, your hear care practitioner will have you in and out the door within half an hour. Sometimes for particularly dry and stubborn impacted wax, softening is required to make the procedure more comfortable.

Overall, micro-suction is often quick, well tolerated, and does not expose the ear to moisture.