Introducing Yalea Eyewear

De Rigo, the leading eyewear sector company, announces the arrival of its fourth and new house brand. An important project that has taken shape over the course of the last few months, designed and produced with women in mind. 

 This is how Yalea came to be, the new brand of sunglasses and prescription eyewear which aims to promote contemporary women by supporting their freedom of choice, encouraging their talent and rewarding their personal beauty. A timeless, elegant and feminine brand that is an inspiration to all women. 

 We are living in a new era – an opportunity to put personal priorities and social values ​​back in order. A moment in which even the conception of a new eyewear collection can contribute to communicating a new vision of freedom of expression and independence from fashions. 

 Yalea goes beyond fashion to inspire strength and confidence, combining aesthetic and ethical values ​​with which each and every woman can identify. And the brand does so concretely, in the planning and design of the collection in which the shapes frame the face without concealing it and the styles take the names of truly inspirational women. A tribute to women of different backgrounds, cultures, ages and eras, not necessarily famous but who, in different countries and fields, have distinguished themselves owing to their life choices, commitment and achievements. 






Timeless: not the present, not the past, not the future, but, in each instant, their co-presence.


Elegance is not a style, a fashion, but more: the desire to inhabit the world.


Heart and mind, femininity is awareness of their inseparability


Positivity is not a way of seeing things, but a way of living them to the full.


Yalea Designer Eyewear Collection


We are excited to add this new brand to our collection here at The Spectacle Maker. Visit us and try the Yalea collection on for yourself with amazing colours, shapes and sizes to suit everyone.


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