What is Optifog?

Optifog® is Essilor’s smart and unique anti-fog system, combining two elements:  A lens with anti-fog top layers and a smart cloth with anti-fog molecules. 

Optifog®  is both a fog-free and clear lens at the same time. Besides repelling fog, it offers protection against reflections, scratches and UV rays. 

Activate the anti-fog properties of the Optifog lenses

 The Optifog Smart Textile has the power to ACTIVATE the top layers of Optifog lenses. Droplets that would usually inhibit vision spread uniformly across the lens, in an invisible and fog-free layer.

Highly technological yet very easy to use, the Optifog Smart Textile was designed to provide maximum anti-fog performance with Optifog lenses, while simplifying users’ daily lives.   

Clean the Optifog lenses with its daily companion

 In addition to its activation efficiency, the Optifog Smart Textile can be used every day to take care of Optifog lenses, making it a true vision ally.

Please note that the Smart Textile should not be washed and should be changed every three months.