Widex Moment at work

The hearing aids have a sleek design and are relatively small. They sit up and behind the ear and they have one push button on the back of each hearing aid.



We love how small the hearing aids are. They slide just behind my ear and then they fit nicely. It’s very small at the top of your ear. You would typically select a colour that matches your hair or your skin tone so it blends in nicely.



They come with two different cases. One is a typical case that you can use as a carrying case and take to work with you. And the other is a rechargeable case that you plug into the wall and you charge the hearing aids overnight.

There’s two ways to control the settings on your hearing aids. Number one would be touching buttons behind your ear. And number two would be connecting the hearing aids via Bluetooth to your smartphone to be able to make those adjustments through an app.


Widex Moment App

Widex Moment App

You can make all the adjustments you’re looking for. The app works well at making changes to volume changes to the different programs making some fine tuning adjustments yourself. And if you need help you’re not sure exactly what to change, there are some helpful guides and questions that the app can ask you and then you can answer and that can make the adjustments in your ears for you.

One of the best things about the Widex is its compatibility with remote care, a standout feature on the app.

Looking for help managing tinnitus? With Widex sound therapy or masking, the Widex hearing aids come with what are called Zen tones as well as different other types of tinnitus sound therapy. Overall, they have a good rating for tinnitus features inside of the Widex hearing aids.

Widex pioneered SoundSense Learn machine learning technology in hearing aids with their EVOKE hearing aids, and the technology forms the foundation for the personalised sound enhancement used in the Widex MOMENT App.

Greater listening comfort and subjective sound quality with Widex Moment.

Do you want to experience better hearing at work?